The Nova Scotia Highland Village Society created the Stòras na h-Òigridh (Treasures of Youth) Fund to ensure that cultural skills based on Scottish Gaelic traditions will continue to flourish in Nova Scotia’s youth.

The Fund provides financial support to up-and-coming youth between the ages of five and twenty-one who are keen to advance their skills in the Scottish Gaelic tradition including: fiddle, pipes, piano, language, storytelling, song and dance.

The Treasurers of Youth Fund concept was inspired by the enthusiasm of the late Michael Anthony MacLean from Washabuck, NS. Michael Anthony was a well-known fiddler who always had a keen interest in assisting youth to further their skills in playing traditional Cape Breton music, especially the fiddle. The Fund was ignited by sales of Michael Anthony MacLean’s “Good Boy M.A.!” CD.

The Stòras na h-Òigridh (Treasurers of Youth) Fund is an initiative of the Nova Scotia Highland Village Society and is held at the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia, a public foundation and registered charity.

For more information on the fund see Community Foundation Nova Scotia


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