Fiddle Loan

2020 Fiddle Loan Recipient 


We are pleased that Halle Rose MacLean of Creignish will be taking on the fiddle tradition. She will be using a 1/2 size fiddle donated to Treasures of Youth by Roger Gallant.

2015 Fiddle Loan Recipients 

The Stòras na h-Òigridh | Treasures of Youth Committee of the Nova Scotia Highland Village Society is pleased to announce the latest recipients of its fiddle loan program. A full size fiddle was awarded to Lili Watson of Judique and a 1/2  size fiddle was awarded to Mia Nordine of Sydney River. Both fiddles are on loan to the recipients until October 2018. The Highland Village congratulates Lili and Mia on their interest and dedication to the Scottish Gaelic Nova Scotia fiddle traditions and wishes them the very best as they further develop those skills.

The Stòras na h-Òigridh | Treasures of Youth Committee expresses its gratitude to the Trépanier Family of Timmons, ON for the donation of the full size fiddle hand made by Paul Trépanier and to the Gallant Family of Sydney Mines for the donation of the
1/2 size fiddle.

Mia Fiddle Mia is pictured here with her instructors Lisa & Boyd MacNeil. 

IMG_0437Lili Watson is picture here playing the full size fiddle she was awarded this year.

2012 Fiddle Loan Recipient 


Margaret MacPherson of Sydney is the first recipient of the hand-crafted fiddle donated by Paul Trepanier of Timmons, Ontario. Thanks to the wonderful Trepanier family for being on hand to make the exchange and give us some lively tunes too!

The Nova Scotia Highland Village Society has created Stòras na h-Òigridh (Treasures of Youth) a fund to ensure that cultural skills based on Scottish Gaelic traditions continue to flourish with our youth in Nova Scotia.

The Treasures of Youth Committee has received a very special fiddle for use by an up and coming young (5-21) player for a period of three years.

Paul Trépanier was kind enough to donate his ‘number 9’ fiddle to the Stòras na h-Òigridh Committee. Paul is an accomplished fiddle maker from Timmons, Ontario who fell in love with the playing of Winston Fitzgerald in the early seventies and Jerry Holland later on.

When Paul discovered that Buddy MacMaster was born in Timmons he began to wonder, “What if my #9 violin could find a home somewhere on Cape Breton Island and actually get to play some of this wonderful music”.

In October of 2011, Paul’s son David and grandson Miles made a visit to Cape Breton to present the fiddle to the Treasures of Youth Committee. This transfer was made possible through the initial discussions of David Papazain (Papper) of the North Shore and Paul Wukitsch.


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